Trump Voter Uses Expletive On C-SPAN (Video)

A 76-year-old supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called into C-SPAN on June 8 and dropped the S-word live on-air (video below).

Alisha from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said she had always "been a Democrat until this year," notes Mediaite.

"I am gonna vote Republican," Alisha added. "I would never vote for Hillary Clinton, she should have been out with Bush. We don't need a crook. We don't need somebody like her. She's just like her husband."

It's not clear why a lifelong Democrat would oppose the Clintons so strongly, but Alisha continued with a racially-charged conspiracy theory: "Why would the black people vote for her? He had the drugs brought in so that ... he could keep them under control. What is wrong with the American people? Don't they investigate before they vote?"

Alisha went on to say that she went back and forth with her support for Trump, but added:

I know he's not a politician, but we don't need a politician anymore. We have enough there in Washington. What is wrong with you, America? We don’t need anymore politicians. I’m 76! Can’t you listen to somebody that’s had experience? You know what, I’m voting for Donald Trump. I don’t give a s--- if he’s a...

At that point C-SPAN ended Alisha's call.

In more Trump news, Queen guitarist Brian May expressed his displeasure on June 8 about the GOP candidate using the band's hit song "We Are The Champions" on June 7, reports Rolling Stone.

May said on his website:

I’ve had an avalanche of complaints – some of which you can see in our "LETTERS" page – about Donald Trump using our We Are The Champions track as his "theme" song on USA TV.

This is not an official Queen statement, but I can confirm that permission to use the track was neither sought nor given. We are taking advice on what steps we can take to ensure this use does not continue.

Regardless of our views on Mr. Trump’s platform, it has always been against our policy to allow Queen music to be used as a political campaigning tool. Our music embodies our own dreams and beliefs, but it is for all who care to listen and enjoy.

Sources: Mediaite, Brian May, Rolling Stone / Photo Credit: C-SPAN via Mediaite via Ben King/YouTube

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