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Trump Voter Lost Home, Now Regrets Voting (Video)

Teena Colebrook voted for President-elect Donald Trump, but now regrets doing so because Trump picked Steven Mnuchin, the former head of OneWest bank, as secretary of the U.S. Treasury (video below).

"I just wish that I had not voted," Colebrook, 59, told The Associated Press. "I have no faith in our government anymore at all. They all promise you the world at the end of a stick and take it away once they get in."

Colebrook told MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Dec. 2:

I believed Trump would be an outsider, for the first time, who would work for the people like his campaign promised. He said, "My only special interest ... is to you the American people, not major donors, the party or corporations."

Now, we want him to prove it. He said he was going to drain the swamp. Now he's filling it with alligators like Mnuchin. We want him to prove he will drain the swamp.

Mnuchin and his group of investors bought OneWest when it was formerly IndyMac, one of the banks that went under during the financial crisis in 2009. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation absorbed about 80 percent of IndyMac's debt, which was a sweet deal for Mnuchin and his fellow investors.

OneWest subsequently scooped up First Federal Bank of California, Colebrook's lender, in 2009.

Colebrook owned a triplex where she lived in one unit and rented out two others.

"All my tenants lost their jobs in the [Wall Street] crash," Colebrook said. "They couldn't pay. It was a knock-on effect."

Colebrook's payments shot up, and she was not able to adjust her OneWest loan.

Colebrook said OneWest bogged her down with unverified charges, lost paperwork and issues over loan ownership.

According to Colebrook, by the time her home was foreclosed in April 2015, she owed $517,662 to OneWest.

The California Reinvestment Coalition said more than 36,000 homeowners were foreclosed under Mnuchin, NPR reports.

Mnuchin and his group sold OneWest to CitiGroup for $3.4 billion in June 2014, notes AP.

Colebrook and other OneWest borrowers contacted the AP when they heard Trump had tapped Mnuchin.

"[Trump] doesn't want the truth," Colebrook said. "He's now backing his buddies."

Sources: The Associated PressNPRMSNBC via YouTube / Photo Credit: MSNBC via YouTube

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