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Trump Voter Hopes Trump Doesn't Take Away Obamacare (Video)

President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, but a Trump voter in West Palm Beach, Florida, is hoping Trump doesn't follow through (video below).

"I did what I thought was correct for the overall good of the country," Bob Ruscoe told CNN of his Trump vote. "Economic strength cures a lot of things. People working, making decent money, that certainly helps out. I'd rather not need the [Obamacare] subsidies. I'd rather be working."

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ran for office on the platform of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and pushing for universal health care.

President Barack Obama will be leaving office with the longest job-creating streak since 1939, notes The Washington Post. In 2016, wages went up 2.9 percent, the best increase in over seven years.

Back in Florida, Ruscoe recalled when he couldn't purchase health insurance, before the ACA, because of his pre-existing health conditions.

"They wouldn't sell it to me at any price," Ruscoe stated. "But I was overweight, so I was a risk."

Ruscoe simply avoided going to the doctor as much as possible until the ACA was passed, then he quickly signed up for the Democratic social safety net:

I thought it was a good idea, even though I'm a conservative ... September was, "I can't wait until October." It's the feeling of coming out of the rain, if you will. You're out there to the breezes. You can do all you can to get healthy. You try to be safe. But there's a certain amount of fate that's just out there.

Ruscoe's wife found out at her wellness check -- which the ACA covers without a copay -- that she had high cholesterol, and Ruscoe was able to lose 40 pounds, thanks to his doctor's nutritional counseling.

Ruscoe is planning to get a colonoscopy, which is check for colon cancer, but that currently free test could cost him a staggering amount of money if the ACA is repealed and he loses his insurance.

Ruscoe's hope now rests on Trump breaking a popular campaign promise.

A study by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation found that some Trump voters in the Rust Belt states are also hoping Trump breaks his campaign promise to do away with the ACA, noted foundation president Drew Altman in The New York Times.

Sources: CNN, The Washington PostThe New York Times / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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