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Trump Touts Endorsement Of Anti-Muslim Ex-General

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was endorsed in an open letter Sept. 6 by 88 retired admirals and generals, one of whom has a history of anti-gay and anti-Muslim statements, and was reprimanded by the U.S. Army for leaking classified information.

According to POLITICO, the open letter said: "[W]e support Donald Trump and his commitment to rebuild our military, to secure our borders, to defeat our Islamic supremacist adversaries and restore law and order domestically. We urge our fellow Americans to do the same."

One of the signatories on the letter is retired Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin, who is the executive vice president of the Family Research Council, a Christian activist organization.

Boykin has made numerous statements slamming Muslims and LGBT rights, notes Right Wing Watch.

Boykin has said that "Islam is not a religion and does not deserve First Amendment protections,” and once declared: "No mosques in America."

Boykin once reprimanded "cowardly" Christians whom he compared unfavorably to an ISIS spokesman who was "willing to die" for his beliefs.

Boykin has called Jesus Christ as "man's man" who will return with an AR-15.

Boykin has insisted that Christians are the government, has called LGBT rights "evil," and urged Christians to rise up as "God's army."

He once compared the U.S. to Sodom and Gomorrah, and said the U.S. can kill babies faster than the Biblical cities because of American technology.

The Washington Post notes that Boykin was reprimanded by the U.S. Army in 2013 for disclosing classified information in his 2008 book "Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom."

The Army said that Boykin revealed "classified information concerning cover methods, counterterrorism/counter-proliferation operations, operational deployments, infiltration methods, pictures, and tactics, techniques and procedures that may compromise ongoing operations."

Boykin, who has insisted that he had prior approval and that the information had been made public before, questioned the Army’s motivation during a 2014 interview with The Washington Post.

Trump issued a statement Sept. 5 about the endorsement of Boykin and the other retired military brass:

I thank each of them for their service and their confidence in me to serve as commander-in-chief. Keeping our nation safe and leading our armed forces is the most important responsibility of the presidency.

Under my administration, we will end the weak foreign policy of the last eight years, rebuild our military, give our troops clear rules of engagement and take care of our veterans when they come home.

We can only Make America Great Again if we ensure our military remains the finest fighting force in the world, and that’s exactly what I will do as president.

Sources: POLITICO, The Washington Post, Right Wing Watch / Photo  credit: LTG Jerry Boykin/Twitter

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