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Donald Trump Thinks He'll Face Joe Biden In National Election

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Donald Trump treats the 2016 presidential race like a reality show, and his latest theory is that Vice President Joe Biden will stage a come-from-behind victory on the Democratic side.

There have been rumors that Biden will run amid mounting skepticism regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, but the vice president himself has yet to declare his decision either way.

“I think so,” Trump answered the question as to whether he could imagine a campaign against Biden at the national level, according to the Hill. “It just looks like Hillary is going to not be able to run. It looks to me like that’s what’s going to happen.”

Clinton recently handed her email server over to the FBI for a potential criminal investigation, so Democrats have been worried about the status of their frontrunner candidate. Meanwhile, support for Sen. Bernie Sanders is spreading throughout the country. There are even unconfirmed reports that former Vice President Al Gore might join the race.

Clinton still has a comfortable lead in the polls — with 55 percent of the vote compared to Sanders’ 19.4 percent and Biden’s 12.3 percent, according to Real Clear politics — but the threat of slipping by next November is real.

Another Biden candidacy would give Democratic voters an establishment alternative to Clinton.

While Sanders supporters might expect their candidate to push for a single-payer health care system, voters could expect Biden to continue policies of the Obama administration like the Affordable Care Act. A vote for Biden would essentially be a vote for a third Obama term. There wouldn't be any radically new ideas on his platform, but he'd offer a more comfortable option.

Biden’s entrance to the race will alter not just the Democratic primary, but the GOP debates as well. Clinton was the focus of conversation in Fox News’ first televised debate, with many questions asked regarding how the Republicans would handle certain issues during debate with Hillary on the national stage.

If Biden is the frontrunner, the question becomes not who can defeat Clinton, but who can defeat the ongoing legacy of the Obama administration. The last two elections have shown how Republicans struggle with that issue.

Biden previously declared that he’d announce his decision by the end of the summer, and that deadline is rapidly approaching. If he doesn’t enter, he’ll wrap up a successful political career. If he does enter, he’ll be an interesting candidate that could shake things up on both ends of the political spectrum.

Biden, like increasingly popular candidates Sanders and Trump, is a straight-shooter. He says what’s on his mind — like the time he advocated for LGBT rights when Obama still claimed to be against gay marriage.

If Trump is correct in his prediction, a national presidential debate between those two could be one of the most honest and entertaining the country has seen in a while.

Sources: The Hill , RealClearPolitics / Photo credit: CrowdPac


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