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Trump Jokes About Protestors At Ohio Rally (Video)

Trump Jokes About Protestors At Ohio Rally (Video) Promo Image

President Donald Trump said a protester at a rally in Ohio was "going home to mommy" (video below)

Trump's rally in Youngstown, Ohio, was briefly interrupted when a protestor waved what appeared to be a communist flag, according to Business Insider. An officer took the flag from the protester and escorted him out of the rally as the president made jokes about the incident.

"They're pointing to a protester. Honestly, if you don't point, nobody's even going to know he's here," said Trump, as the audience booed. "Weak voice. Weak voice. Don't worry."

Trump then joked about the protester's age.

"Boy, he's a young one," said the president. "He's going back home to mommy. Oh is he in trouble. He's in trouble."

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"And," the president added, to the audience's laughter, "I'll bet his mommy voted for us, right."

At a North Carolina rally in 2016, Trump made a similar comment about a protester, telling him to "go home to mommy."

"All right, get him out of here. Get out of here! Looks like a nice, little guy, actually. Go home to mommy," said Trump. "Go home. Bye! Go home to mommy! Go home to mommy! Tell her to tuck you in bed."

"Ah, he's such a nice guy. Nasty, little guy," he added. "I'll tell you, nasty people. Man! Are you sure we're in North Carolina? He's a nasty guy! Nah, he'll go home to mom now."

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He also commented on another protester at the same rally, saying, "Are you OK, honey?"

"Oh, the protester just tripped. Oh, they're going to blame us," he said. "They're going to blame Trump! She tripped. Nobody was touching her!"

Protesters have become a regular sight at Trump's rallies, where those who have vocalized their opposition to the president have even reported violence from the crowds, according to The Guardian.

Austyn Crites, 33, said he was kicked, punched, and choked at a Trump rally in 2016 after he silently held an anti-Trump sign.

"I had a sign that said, 'Republicans against Trump.' It is a sign that you can just print off online," recalled Crites. "And then all of a sudden people next to me are starting to get violent; they're grabbing at my arm, trying to rip the sign out of my hand."

He added: "... there were people wrenching on my neck [that] could have strangled me to death."

One witness said that the sign may have been misidentified as a weapon.

As Crites was escorted away by police in handcuffs, he said the officers had to keep away Trump supporters who continued to attack him.

"As I was taken from the room, people are just looking at me like I’m a demon," said Crites.

Sources: Business Insider (2), The Guardian / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (2), Marc Nozell/Flickr

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