Trump Team: Security Clearance For Conspiracy Theorist? (Video)

The transition team for President-elect Donald Trump reportedly applied for a security clearance for Michael Flynn Jr., the son of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is Trump's choice for national security adviser (video below).

Flynn Jr. has pushed conspiracy theories including the bizarre "PizzaGate" myth about former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton supposedly being involved in a Satanic pedophilia cult that is headquartered at a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., notes CNN. An armed man entered the pizza place on Dec. 4 to investigate, but no one was injured.

Flynn Jr. tweeted that same night: "Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it'll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many 'coincidences' tied to it."

In addition to conspiracy theories, Flynn Jr. called Mike Cernovich, a popular alt-right Twitter user, "a source I trust," promoted a conspiracy theory about former Clinton aide Huma Abedin being linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, pushed a myth that Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida had been a cocaine-abusing homosexual, retweeted conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.com, tweeted racial remarks, and used obscenities to attack those who oppose Trump, reported CNN.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who leads the Trump transition team, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Dec. 6: "Gen. Flynn's son has no involvement in the transition whatsoever."

Pence was reminded that Flynn Jr. has a transition email address, but Pence insisted that Flynn Jr. "has no involvement in the transition whatsoever."

Pence stated a third time on the program that Flynn Jr. was not involved in the transition team.

However, later in the day, Trump team transition spokesman Jason Miller said that Flynn Jr. had been "helping out with scheduling and administrative work," notes CNN.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Pence during an afternoon interview about the transition team's reported security clearance request for Flynn Jr.

During his first answer, Pence recalled that he said Flynn Jr. was not on the transition team earlier in the morning, but then recalled speaking to Flynn Sr. later in the day:

His son was helping him a bit with scheduling and administrative items, but that's no longer the case. Look all of our families want to be helpful, and four weeks to the day from Election Day, there's been an awful lot of work to do. But Mike Flynn Jr. is no longer associated with Gen. Flynn's efforts or the transition team, and we're focused eyes forward.

Tapper asked Pence why the Trump transition team put in for a security clearance for Flynn Jr., and Pence repeated that Flynn Jr. was helping his dad.

Tapper asked again about the security clearance request, and Pence said that Flynn Jr. helped arrange meetings, "but that's no longer the case."

Tapper asked Pence if a security clearance was needed to schedule meetings, but Pence talked about moving forward.

Tapper asked Pence if he was aware that the transition team had put in for a security clearance for Flynn Jr., and Pence said that he had not seen Flynn Jr. present in meetings with Flynn Sr.

Tapper reminded Pence that he is head of the transition team and knows who the team has put in security clearances for. Pence said again that Flynn Sr. said that Flynn Jr. was helping on administrative matters.

Pence went on to blame the media: "This is all the kind of distraction that, frankly, I know, with all due respect, the national media likes to go chase after."

Pence also boasted about public opinion being on the rise for Trump because of his decisive leadership.

Tapper asked Pence again if he was aware that the transition team had put in a security clearance for Flynn Jr.

Pence said that Flynn Sr. had told him today that Flynn Jr. had assisted him in scheduling.

Tapper asked again about the security clearance, and Pence replied: "Well, whatever the appropriate paperwork was to assist him in that regard, Jake, I'm sure was taking place. But that's no longer the case."

Sources: CNN (2), Morning Joe/Twitter / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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