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Trump Takes Texas, Clinton Wins New York

Republican nominee Donald Trump has won Texas' electoral votes, while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will win New York, as the pair continue to battle it out in a neck-and-neck race in the nation's key swing states.

Fox News has also projected Trump as the winner in Arkansas, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, and he is expected to take four electoral votes in Nebraska, one of two states that does not use a winner-take-all system for electoral votes.

Trump has also taken Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Colorado, South Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Mississippi and West Virginia, notes the Mirror. In addition to New York, Clinton has won Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware and Washington D.C.

Each candidate spent Election Day making last-minute appeals to voters, with Clinton portraying herself as a unifier and Trump promising to bring jobs and security back to Americans.

"Today is our independence day, today the American working class is going to strike," Trump said in a speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan, while voters cast their ballots on Nov. 8.

In North Carolina, Clinton urged her followers to "bridge the divides in this country."

Clinton has also taken Connecticut, and Trump has won Louisiana, notes CNN's live election coverage.

Sources: Fox News, CNN / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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