Trump-Supporting Gun Store Owner: President Obama Wants To Disarm Americans (Video)


On Jan. 6, Mark Limoges, a gun store owner in Claremont, New Hampshire, told CNN that President Barack Obama's new executive orders on gun control will lead to disarming Americans (video below).

Limoges appeared on the cable network holding a replica of an AR-15 assault rifle that he reportedly gave to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

CNN hosts John Berman and Kate Bolduan asked Limoges about his gift to Trump, and Obama's executive orders regarding gun sellers, notes.

"Well, we're all for safe gun sales transactions," Limoges said. "We feel it's not the people that come in and do everything legally that are out doing the crimes, it's the people illegally. So, you're still gonna be able to get weapons one way or another. Why punish the people that do it legally?"

Berman asked Limoges if Obama's executive orders will "punish people trying to get guns legally."

"Well, the thought of it being trying to disarm the American citizen is kind of ridiculous in our eyes," Limoges replied. "The system we have now with people coming in, doing the background checks and everything seems to work fine. Could it be tweaked or whatever? I'm sure it could be, but the process that's there now seems to work fine."

On Jan. 5, Obama announced his executive orders, which include requiring people who are "in the business of selling firearms" to register as licensed gun dealers, CNN reported at the time. These gun sellers will have to do background checks on potential buyers, which will eliminate the so-called "gun show loophole" used by individuals who sell guns at shows or online.

Bolduan asked Limoges if he thought Obama was trying to take away his guns, and Limoges replied, "I think it's probably a first step towards it, yes."

Bolduan reminded Limoges that President Obama said there was "not a plot to take away everybody's guns."

"Right, but Mr. Obama has also said things that have not always been the truth," Limoges responded.

Berman told Limoges that universal background checks are not the same thing as gun confiscation and asked Limoges if he "really" believed the president wants to take his guns away.

"No, probably, not totally, but I think he definitely wants to control it more," Limoges said.

Limoges went on to say that Trump's Secret Service agents took possession of the assault rifle (confiscation), returned it to Limoges, and then allowed him to present it to Trump.

Sources:, CNN / Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube Screenshot

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