Trump Supporters Upset About His Tweeting (Video)


Some supporters of President Donald Trump shared their frustration on March 28 about Trump's excessive tweeting (video below).

Trump has often asserted that Twitter helps him get around what he calls the "dishonest" media, which reports on his tweets, but voters in eastern Pennsylvania told CNN that he sometimes goes too far.

Ray Starner stated: "What Donald Trump is doing is he’s reacting immediately. It’s a knee-jerk reaction ... He needs to tone it down, and forget about Snoop Dogg, and forget about Arnold Schwarzenegger. We don't really care about them."

Scott McCommons added: "If you want to be 'The Apprentice,' step down and let somebody else run the country. He needs to be presidential. Plain and simple."

"Sometimes, I think he overreacts, and doesn't have all the facts before he tweets," Starner noted.

Mark Hanna recalled when Trump tweeted about former President Barack Obama supposedly wiretapping his phones: "I did see it on a major news channel, and I remember the first thing I said to my significant other was 'I don’t believe he just tweeted that.' Even if he felt that way, I don't think he should have tweeted it."

Emma Leach said: "I don't like those tweets, I really don't."

"Show us the proof, don't tweet it. Nobody got in that building and set up wiretaps. He knows it. He won't admit it. And that's the kind of stuff that angers me. That's unpresidential," McCommons added.

McCommons, a lifelong Democrat who voted for Trump, tweeted to the president: "Your twitter rants are out of control. I voted for you to make America great again. Run the country, Sir."

The Telegraph reports that a robot, using the handle Burned Your Tweet, is programmed to print out and then set on fire each of Trump's tweets.

The robot tweets a video of itself printing out the latest Trump tweet onto paper, and then setting it on fire with a lighter and dumping the flaming tweet in an ashtray.

The robot then tweets the video to Trump with a caption: "[RealDonaldTrump] I burned your tweet."

The robot's Twitter bio states: "Giving Trump's tweets the attention they deserve."

Trump tweeted against one of his favorite targets, The New York Times, on March 29, notes The Hill:

Remember when the failing [New York Times] apologized to its subscribers, right after the election, because their coverage was so wrong. Now worse!

If the people of our great country could only see how viciously and inaccurately my administration is covered by certain media!

The New York Times published a story that morning on infighting among Trump's White House staff, and cited unidentified sources.

Sources: CNN via YouTubeThe Telegraph, The Hill / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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