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Trump Supporters Punch Protester At Rally (Video)

Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump were filmed punching and grabbing a protester during a rally on Aug. 1 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (video below).

According to Penn Live, supporters also tore at the protester's clothes to the chant of "USA!"

Silver Spring Police Chief Chris Raubenstine said the unidentified protester refused medical care and would not press charges, but quoted the demonstrator as saying he "did what he wanted to get done."

"People got to realize that just because you disagree with someone, doesn't mean you can punch people," Raubenstine added.

The New York Times posted a video on Aug. 3 of a compilation of incidents from Trump rallies, both during and afterward, that show some supporters shouting obscene, violent and racist comments.

The newspaper notes that most Trump supporters do not act in this fashion, but several shouted things like, "F--- those dirty beaners!" and, "F--- political correctness!"

One man wearing a "F--- Islam" T-shirt also verbalized the message.

Another Trump supporter said, "You don't come and talk about America when you're supporting Muslims!"

During a Trump rally in Cleveland, the nominee asserted that President Barack Obama had divided the country, prompting one supporter to shout, "F--- that n-----!"

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, a Trump supporter shouted at a protester, "Get out of here, you f--!"

In Houston, supporters chanted, "Build that wall!" while one Trump voter said, "Send them bastards back. I'm sure that paperwork comes in Spanish."

At the same event, another Trump fan announced, "Ignorance and immigrants, they mix together!"

One woman said, "If you don't speak English and don't contribute, get out!"

"Hillary is a whore!" a Trump supporter stated at a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina.

One man held up a T-shirt that said, "Trump that b--ch."

At the same rally, Trump supporters shouted, "F--- you, Hillary!" and, "Hang the bitch!" and, "Kill her!"

A button being sold at a Trump rally featured the words: "KFC Hillary Special. 2 Fat Thighs. 2 Small Breasts... Left Wing."

Another button had a picture of Clinton and the text: "Life's a b--ch. Don't vote for one."


Sources: Penn Live, The New York Times / Photo credit: Max Goldberg/Flickr

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