Trump Supporters OK With Fake Wild Campaign Ads (Video)


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog hosted a Hulu segment on Aug. 11 in which a group of Donald Trump supporters were asked to view and give their opinions on some bizarre fake ads of the Republican presidential nominee, which were presented as real (video below).

Triumph watched the focus group's reactions behind a double-mirror as to not tip off the prank, which covered "concepts" for ads regarding transgender bathroom rights, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, immigration and more, notes

The first ad featured guns in dispensers inside ladies' restrooms that women could use to feel "comfortable" if a trangender person entered.

One male Trump supporter blamed Caitlyn Jenner and President Obama for the transgender bathroom issue, while a female supporter said she could imagine the gun scenario being used "anywhere."

Another female supporter suggested making the guns more accessible by allowing one to break a glass case, or just providing baseball bats.

The second ad suggested that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was actually a man, asked why the public has not seen her "whatever" and said "a lot of people" are looking at pictures of her and questioning her biological sex.

The ad added that the U.S. already has a female president: President Obama, and that is why he didn't release his birth certificate (he did).

"I like it," said a female Trump supporter.

"I think the public would enjoy it," added a second female. "I'd rather hear stuff like that than little foo foo tag lines that don't make sense."

After approving the slanderous ad, the focus group was shown another ad that said that while Trump's border wall is being built, a temporary, invisible, electric border fence could be erected to "zap" 150 million Mexicans. The Mexicans would wear shock collars -- disguised in "bling" -- that will be paid for by the Mexican government.

One female Trump voter liked the invisible fence (a scientific impossibility), but doubted that Mexicans would wear the shock collars. A second female voter said that Mexicans would cut the shock collar off and sell the "bling." The first female voter explained to a third female voter that the collar was needed to work with the invisible fence.

The Trump supporters suggested that Mexicans could wear or carry bracelets in order to be shocked at the border.

The second female voter opined that a fake vaccine could be used to implant some kind of device inside Mexican people for electrocution at the border.

Trump is expected to announce a real new plan to stop terrorism in a speech in Ohio on August 15.

A Trump campaign source said that part of Trump's plan will include a "new screening test" to admit only those who support U.S. laws and values, notes CBS News.

However, it's not clear what the screening test will be.

CBS News adds that Trump's plan will also entail working with countries opposed to ISIS, going after the terrorist organization's funding sources and stopping their propaganda and recruitment web tactics -- all of which are the present policies of the Obama administration.

Sources:, CBS News / Photo credit: Hulu/YouTube

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