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Report: Trump Fans Manipulated Online Post-Debate Polls

While most political observers and some major polls have said that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the debate on Sept. 26, several open-to-the-public online post-debate polls have been skewing heavily in favor of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Daily Dot reports that Trump supporters from 4chan message boards and the Reddit sub-community r/The_Donald (over 200,000 subscribers) manipulated about 70 polls -- including Time, Fortune, and CNBC -- that were posted on the respective social media sites.

On 4chan's /pol/ board, people shared links to polls and tips on how to drive up the numbers, notes the news site, and it would not be the first time.

4chan users reportedly rigged a Time 100 poll in 2009 so that 4chan founder Christopher "moot" Poole would make the list, fixed another online poll so that a school for the deaf would win tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, and used JavaScript coding to push up votes for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Time's 2012 Person of the Year poll.

Trump himself apparently believed a poll at CNBC, which was reportedly manipulated by Trump supporters, and tweeted: "Thank you! CNBC #DebateNight poll with over 400,000 votes. Trump 61% Clinton 39%."

The Daily Dot added, "[T]he activities of Trump's supporters foreshadow the tactics we may see come election night—especially if Trump falls behind."

CNN's poll, which was not open to online manipulation, had Clinton at a whopping 62 percent to Trump's 27 percent.

When it came to addressing the concerns of voters regarding a potential presidency, Clinton won 57 percent to 35 percent, and also came out as a stronger leader, 56 percent to 39 percent.

On the topic of sincerity, Clinton was at 53 percent and Trump had 40 percent.

The all-important independent voters had Clinton winning the debate at 54 percent, and Trump at 33 percent.

A post-debate poll by Public Policy Polling, also not open to online manipulation, had Clinton winning the debate by 51 percent over Trump at 40 percent.

Clinton did extremely well with young voters at 63 percent, while 24 percent went with Trump; 47 percent of young people said the debate made them more likely to vote for Clinton.

Sources: The Daily Dot, CNN, Public Policy Polling / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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