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Trump Supporter: 'If You're A Muslim, You Follow Satan!' (Video)

Kiernan Majerus-Collins posted a video (below) on Facebook of a confrontation between himself and some Donald Trump supporters in Concord, New Hampshire, on Jan. 17.

Majerus-Collins, who wore a Martin Luther King Jr. shirt, attended a Trump rally at Concord High School, notes the Hartford Courant.

In the video, an angry Trump supporter shouts: "Let me tell you about my friends whose heads got cut off, their genitals got cut off by Muslims who killed them and left their family with no f------ parents!"

"You don't know anything!" the Trump supporter adds. "You don't know a f----- thing! Pull your head out of your f----- a--!"

Majerus-Collins makes a comment about good people existing in all religions, and the Trump supporter yells, "If you're a Muslim, you follow Satan! Wake up! Wake up!"

A second Trump supporter tells Majerus-Collins that the first Trump supporter is really talking about "radicalized Muslims."

"Most Muslims are good people," Majerus-Collins insists, but the first Trump supporter responds with: "You know what a moderate Muslim is?" A moderate Muslim is a person who stands by the side when somebody else chops somebody else's head off and doesn't do anything." notes that a woman later tells Majerus-Collins, "I just got back from Europe; they were stalking me and going after me because I'm a [unintelligible] girl.”

Majerus-Collins, a student at Bates College, attended a Trump rally in Lowell, Massachusetts, with a friend on Jan. 4.

Majerus-Collins quietly held an "America Is Already Great" sign, which Trump supporters pulled out of his hands and ripped up. After his property was destroyed, Majerus-Collins and his friend were escorted out of the rally.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language.

Sources: Hartford Courant, Kiernan Majerus-Collins/Facebook, / Photo credit: Kiernan Majerus-Collins/Facebook

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