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Trump Fan 'BlackGirl4Trump' Lifts Black Woman's Picture

A supporter of Republican candidate Donald Trump has reportedly been using the picture of another Twitter user.

According to, the profile picture (above) used by "BlackGirl4Trump" actually belongs to Twitter user "Christelle."

Christelle tweeted on June 26: "Delete my picture please @BlackGirl4Trump."

Another Twitter user, Savanna McKellar, added: "@BlackGirl4Trump um. stop pretending to be my roommate. use your own busted picture to express your own busted views."

"This is not me .. This has gone out of hand." Christelle added.

Christelle tweeted a screenshot of Twitter's refusal to take action, along with her own message: "I sent @Twitter a picture of my ID to prove my identity and that @BlackGirl4Trump is impersonating me. Got this back."

Twitter user Rx called on others to help expose the fraud: "Everyone, please report @BlackGirl4Trump for using this young woman's photo as her own," notes

The BlackGirl4Trump account was deleted on June 27, but it's not clear by whom.

A poll released by The Washington Post on June 15 found Trump polling poorly with black and Hispanic voters, reported The Hill.

Ninety-four percent of black voters had a negative view of Trump, which was a 13 percent increase from May.

Eighty-nine percent of Hispanics had an unfavorable view of Trump, which was a five percent bump up from May.

"I am not a racist, in fact, I am the least racist person that you've ever encountered," Trump told The Washington Post the same week the poll came out.

Despite Trump's low poll numbers with blacks and Hispanics, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus told Bloomberg Businessweek in May: "My prediction is we're going to get a higher percentage of the Hispanics and black vote than we have gotten since 2004."

"And we're going to do it because we've done a better job at the RNC, and we're also going to have a nominee who is going to pivot in tone and tenor," Priebus added. "He understands that."

"I'm going to do great with the African-Americans," Trump told CNN in February. "African-American youth is 58 percent unemployed. African-Americans in their prime are substantially worse off, you know, economically than a — than the whites in their prime. And it's very — it's a very sad situation."

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton polled favorably with 79 percent of black voters in the June survey by The Washington Post.

Sources:,, The Hill / Photo credit: BlackGirl4Trump/Twitter via

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