Trump Supporter Harassed By Crowd, Flag Burned (Video)


A supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was harassed by a crowd of anti-Trump protesters in Burlingame, California, during a live broadcast on CNN on April 29 (video below).

The Trump supporter was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat as the crowd shouted and shoved him, Mediaite reports.

Javier Panzar, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, filmed and tweeted a video from a closer position and identified the man as Christopher Conway.

Panzar said Conway was trying to make his way to the hotel where Trump spoke to the California Republican Party convention.

Conway, who resembled Trump from a distance, was escorted by police officers as protesters shouted, "You don't belong here!"

The demonstrators cornered Conway and the cops up against a hedge, which they had to cross over.

Ironically, CNN host Wolf Blitzer was interviewing Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes while Conway was being pushed around by the crowd.

A large group of anti-Trump protestors blocked the entrance of the hotel, forcing Trump to use a back door, according to KPIX.

Some anti-Trump protestors were caught on video burning an effigy of Trump, a Trump-like pinata and the American flag.

Since the front entrance was blocked, Trump's motorcade stopped on a nearby highway and Secret Service agents walked Trump off the freeway through a barrier in a fence and to the hotel's back entrance, reports The Guardian.

During his speech to the convention, Trump compared his brief journey to an undocumented immigrant crossing into the U.S.

Some anti-Trump demonstrators were able to get inside the hotel by making reservations in advance. On the upper floors of the hotel, the demonstrators unfurled two banners that said, "Stop Hate."

These protests followed a violent protest outside of a Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California, where 20 people were arrested on April 28.


Sources: Mediaite, KPIX, The Guardian / Photo credit: Javier Panzar via SanVic/YouTube

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