Trump Supporters Shout Violent, Islamophobic Remarks At Protesters (Video)


Several protesters at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's Las Vegas rally on Dec. 14 at the Westgate Casino were removed, including a black man who a Trump supporter reportedly wanted set on fire (video below).

As the black protester was being taken out, Trump supporters yelled, “Shoot him,” “Kick his a--,” “Light the motherf----- on fire” and “Sieg heil!” notes MSNBC. "Seig heil!" is a Nazi Germany-era salute.

When another protester was removed, a Trump supporter reportedly screamed, “He’s a Muslim!”

The protests at the rally began after Trump brought Jamiel Shaw on stage to share how his son was fatally shot by an undocumented immigrant gang member.

Some of the protesters then yelled, "Black Lives Matter!" and called for gun control.

After another protester was taken out, a Trump rally attendee shouted, “Get outta here, scumbags!" according to Mediate.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources: Mediaite, MSNBC / Photo credit: McKay Coppins/Twitter Screenshot

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