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Trump Stops Donating To His Own Campaign

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's personal contributions to his own presidential campaign has slowed to a trickle as his fundraising continues to pale in comparison to the contributions amassed by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

While Trump had been contributing roughly $2 million a month to his campaign during the summer season, the latest Federal Election Commission [FEC] records revealed that he had only contributed $31,000 during the first three weeks of October, New York Magazine reports.

That money went into complementary rent and staff salaries for the Trump campaign.

FEC records also indicate that the Trump’s campaign had made a direct transfer of $2.2 million to the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Oct. 14, Politico reports.

On Oct. 25, Steven Mnuchin, the Trump campaign’s national finance chairman, revealed that the business mogul had all but ended holding fundraisers for Trump Victory, the joint fundraising committee that raises money for both the GOP nominee’s campaign and the RNC.

“We’ve kind of wound down,” Mnuchin told The Washington Post. “But the online fundraising continues to be strong.”

The national finance chairman added that they had minimized Trump’s fundraising schedule “over the last month to emphasize his focus on political [events]. Unlike Hillary, who has been fundraising and not out and about, he has constantly been out and about.”

While Mnuchin has pitched Trump’s lack of fundraising as a political positive, it could have a negative impact on his election efforts and for the GOP. The Trump Victory Fund only raised $61 million so far in October, whereas the Clinton campaign has raised $101 million.

This has resulted in the Clinton campaign having $62 million to spare with less than two weeks before the election while the Trump campaign only has $16 million.

While the Trump campaign asserts that their online donations have been healthy, only 20 percent of that money goes to the RNC, which is tasked with helping GOP lawmakers maintain a congressional majority. Meanwhile, the contributions made by conventional fundraising would largely go to the RNC.

By slowing down fundraisers, the Trump campaign has effectively cut off the RNC’s campaign financing.

Lastly, Trump had pledged throughout the GOP primary that he would contribute $100 million of his own money to his general election campaign. So far, he has only given $56 million.

If the paltry $31,000 spent so far in October is any indication, Trump may not fulfill his campaign promise.

Mnuchin dismissed any potential criticism of the GOP nominee over how much cash he has shelled out, stating, “He has been very supportive of the campaign with his contributions.”

Sources: New York Magazine, PoliticoThe Washington Post / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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