Trump Slams Clinton's Foreign Policy Record (Video)


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump traded verbal shots with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as both candidates have rolled out their strategies on Israel (video below).

On March 21, both candidates delivered speeches before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference in Washington, D.C., The Hill reports.

Clinton, during her remarks, slammed Trump’s take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without naming the business mogul directly.

“We need steady hands, not a president who says he’s neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday and who knows what on Wednesday because everything’s negotiable,” Clinton said, the crowd swelling with applause. The former secretary pf state concluded “some things aren’t negotiable.”

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Trump was confronted with Clinton’s critique of his perceived lack of solidarity with Israel.

“Frankly, she just doesn’t know me; she’s doesn’t know my policies; she doesn’t know what I’m going to be doing; and she certainly doesn’t know what I’m going to be saying today at 5 o’clock,” Trump responded.

Trump agreed that Israel’s security was “nonnegotiable” but wanted to clarify that he does, in fact, have steady hands.

“I have the steadiest hands,” Trump said. “Look at these hands ... I have the steadiest hands. And far steadier than hers. Look where she got us. I mean, look at Libya, look at the migration, look at Benghazi.”

The GOP front-runner added that he was the most pro-Israel person in the world, but that “this has to be a deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis ... I would veto a deal with the United Nations.”

Earlier, during a sit-down with the editorial board of The Washington Post, Trump hinted that, if he were to become president, the U.S. would withdraw from NATO or at least wind down its commitments because “NATO is costing us a fortune ... we are a poor country now.”

During his speech to AIPAC, Trump returned fire against Clinton by directly naming her as “a total disaster, by the way,” Real Clear Politics reports.

“She and President [Barack] Obama have treated Israel very, very badly,” Trump continued.

Trump proceeded to assure AIPAC attendees that his potential administration would take Israel’s side against the Palestinians, adding “we’ll get it solved. One way or the other, we will get it solved.”

Sources: CNNThe Hill, The Washington Post / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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