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Trump Slammed For 'Our African-American People' (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was accused of taking ownership of African-Americans during his victory speech on June 7 following his multiple primary wins (video below).

During his speech in Briarcliff Manor, New York, Trump said, "We’re going to rebuild our inner cities, which are absolutely a shame and so sad. We’re going to take care of our African-American people that have been mistreated for so long."

For some Twitter users, the statement was a call back to Trump's "Look at my African-American over here" comment in Redding, California, on June 3.

Raw Story noted some of the tweets in reaction to "our African-American people":

"trump. my african-american. our african-americans. hey don what are you hinting at there?" said one Twitter user.

"We're going to 'take care of OUR African American people.' Trump too stupid, too racist to know what he just said," another commenter said.

"No thanks, Don. I'm good," said Twitter user Greg Greene.

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"'Our African American people'. Dude, even your prepared speeches are Trumpster fires," said commenter Liberal Librarian.

"Trump: It's gonna be great. We are going to give 'our African American people' 3/5 of a vote," said another tweet.

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However, Trump supporters pushed back on writer Sarah Woods' sarcastic post: "Did Trump say 'our' African-American people? As in possessive? No, that's not racist at all."

Trump fans tweeted:

"you liberals are offended by everything."

"it's so sad they try to do this. If he was being disrespectful, why would he put it in his speech. They are dumb."

"its amazing how they all made it to adulthood."

"it must be exhausting being offended on someone else's behalf all the time."

"He also says things like, 'We're gonna take care of 'our' veterans.' The nerve, right?"

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Another part of Trump's speech that got attention on the web was his alleged use of "bigly," which Mediaite said was actually "big league."

"If it's not a great deal for our country, we will not sign it," Trump said. "It's gotta be great for our country, for our community, for everybody in here because, believe me, we are all suffering. And we are suffering big league and it's getting worse."

Trump used the term "big league" again during his speech.

Sources: RawStory, Mediaite, Sarah Wood/Twitter / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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