Trump Reveals Team Of Economic Advisers


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump unveiled his team of economic advisers, and several billionaires are on board.

Among the names are billionaire hedge fund managers Steven Feinberg and John Paulson, as well as billionaire oil man Harold Hamm and billionaire banker Andy Beal, reported CNN.

The list also includes banker Steven Mnuchin, who currently serves as the Trump campaign's finance chairman.

Trump faced criticism from several bloggers for appointing only white men to his economic advisory board.

"Trump's Economic Policy Team Boasts 3 Stephens, 2 Steves, 1 Steven, and No Women,” bellowed Jezebel.

“Trump’s economic team has six men named Steve but no women,” cried The Washington Post.

But Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's economic advisers are also white men -- and they're both named “Mike.”

Michael Shapiro, a 30-year-old Yale graduate married to the daughter of Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, and Michael Schmidt, another recent Yale graduate who spent one year working at the U.S. Treasury, are the only names released by the Clinton campaign known to be advising Clinton on economic policy.

The two white men advising Clinton on economic policy are known as “Economikes,” according to CNBC.

While Trump has several investors and bankers on his side, and Clinton has two recent Yale graduates on her side, there is one professional economist in the mix -- and he's advising Trump.

Dr. Peter Navarro, a professor of economics and public policy at the University of California, Irvine, was listed as one of Trump's new economic advisers.

“In reality, he has been one of the most versatile and productive American economists of the last few decades, and has played a leading role in turning the Republican Party away from what's left of its historical optimism about U.S.-China relations,” George Mason University economics professor Tyler Cowen wrote in Bloomberg View.

Sources: CNN, Jezebel, The Washington Post, CNBC, Bloomberg View / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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