Trump Repeats Hoax About Muslims, Pig Blood (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump repeated for the second time a debunked story about an American general, who supposedly ordered Muslims shot with bullets covered in pig blood (video below).

The crowd cheered the false story, delivered at a rally in Costa Mesa, California, on April 28, reports

Trump said the U.S. was having "a tremendous problem with radical Islamic terrorism" before World War I that was "out of control," so U.S. General John Pershing solved this "terror problem" by catching 50 "radical Islamic terrorists."

Trump went on to say that Pershing's troops dipped some bullets into pig blood before they shot 49 of the Muslims, but allowed a 50th Muslim to escape and warn his fellow Muslims of their horrible fate and for "42 years they didn't have a problem with radical Islamic terrorism."

While telling the story about killing Muslims, Trump assured the crowd that he has "many Muslim friends."

William Lambers, an author and journalist, noted on the History News Network in February that Trump got the same story wrong when he told a South Carolina crowd the tale.

"But the story is not true," Lambers noted. "There was no mass execution led by Pershing. That is a rumor created on the Internet."

Lambers mentioned a Chicago Daily Tribune article from 1927 that said Pershing sprinkled pig blood on captured Muslims (Moros), to scare them into thinking they would be damned in eternity, and then released the prisoners.

One of the details left out by Trump was that Pershing was stationed in the Philippines where there were Muslims who opposed the U.S. military occupation of their country; these Muslims never attacked U.S. soil. noted in 2001 that the "false" story about Muslims and pig blood began circulating a few weeks after 9/11.

Pershing did order his men to shoot certain Moros when they refused to hand over their guns, according to the fact-checking site, but there was no mention of pig blood on bullets in any of the biographies written about Pershing.

The general was actually very regretful in a letter that he wrote to the Moros: "I am sorry the soldiers had to kill any Moros. All Moros are the same to me as my children and no father wants to kill his own children ..."

Sources:, Snopes.comHistory News Network / Photo credit: Fox News via YitzhakMyChannel/YouTube

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