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Trump Repeats Abortion Falsehood About Clinton (Video)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump repeated a falsehood on Oct. 24 that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton supports abortion up until one day before birth (video below).

Trump made his comments during an interview with televangelist Pat Robertson on CBN:

According to the rules of Hillary, you can take the baby at nine months, and you can imagine what you have to do to that baby to get it out. And you can take that baby at nine months, and you can abort. And a day prior to birth, you can take the baby. And I said it's unacceptable.

In March 2016, Clinton said during a Town Hall with then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont that she would support some "late-pregnancy regulation that would have exceptions for the life and health of the mother," according to CBS News, but she opposed banning abortions after 20 weeks without any exceptions.

"Under Roe v. Wade, it is appropriate to say in these circumstances" there may be restrictions to abortion rights, Clinton asserted, "so long as there's an exception for the life and health of the mother."

Trump made a similar claim during the third presidential debate on Oct. 20: "If you go with what Hillary is saying in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother in the ninth month, on the final day."

"That is not happening in the United States," Dr. Aaron B. Caughey, chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health and Science University, told The New York Times.

“It is, of course, such an absurd thing to say," Caughey added. "I’m unaware of anyone that’s terminating a pregnancy a few days prior to delivery of a normal pregnancy."

There are emergency situations in which a baby would be delivered before the due date, such as the mother being in an accident or if she were experiencing severe preeclampsia, which could threaten her life. In those types of cases, however, the baby would likely be delivered by an emergency cesarean section or by prematurely inducing the woman's labor not by abortion.

Caughey noted there are also situations late in pregnancy when the fetus would have a condition that would not allow survival outside the womb, or is stillborn. In both instances, women may choose to discontinue the pregnancy.

"Would you call that an abortion?" Caughey stated. "I think most of us wouldn’t use that language. We would say induction of labor for a nonviable pregnancy."

In March, Trump called for women who have abortions to be punished, although he walked that back after a strong pushback.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, CBS News, The New York Times / Photo Credit: CBN via YouTube

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