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Trump: Put Refugees In 'Big And Beautiful Safe Zone' In Syria

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is among those against allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees enter the U.S. following the Nov. 13 Paris attack. Instead, Trump recently suggested to “Build a big, beautiful safe zone [in Syria]." 

During a Nov. 16 campaign rally in Knoxville, Tennessee, the business mogul proclaimed that the best place for Syrian refugees is in their own country, reports Breitbart.

“What I like is build a safe zone in Syria,” said Trump. “Build a big, beautiful safe zone, and you have whatever it is so people can live, and they’ll be happier.”

Trump’s said Syrians would be “happier” to remain in their own country.

Trump continued, “So you keep ’em in Syria. You build a tremendous safe zone, it’ll cost you tremendously much less, much less, and they’ll be there and the weather’s the same."

“Big” and “beautiful” has been a popular refrain for Trump, who has used those two adjectives to describe his proposed wall for the U.S.-Mexico border. After eight Syrians were intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border on Nov. 18, Trump used the incident to further push his “big & beautiful wall,” USA Today reports.

“Eight Syrians were just caught on the southern border trying to get into the U.S.” Trump tweets. “ISIS maybe? I told you so. WE NEED A BIG & BEAUTIFUL WALL!”

A Nov. 19 poll released by Public Policy Polling shows the business mogul leading the pack with 27 percent of the vote, with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson running second with 17 percent.

Sources: Breitbart, Public Policy PollingUSA Today / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

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