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Trump Seemingly Pushes Prime Minister Aside (Video)

President Donald Trump was captured on video (below) seemingly pushing aside the prime minister of Montenegro at a NATO summit in Belgium on May 25, sparking uproar.

In the clip, Trump pats Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, while it looks like he also pushes him out of the way and moves to the front of the group, CNN reports.

It looks as if Markovic is briefly taken aback before putting on a smile.

If the prime minister was shocked, he wasn't the only one.

Many thought it was a rude and inappropriate move by Trump.

"He's like a 5 year old pushing in front of the line!!" wrote one person on NBC's Facebook post featuring the video. "I'm appalled that he's actually our president. Between bullying and the lies it's a freaking circus!"

"Am I seeing this right," wondered another. "Please correct me if I'm wrong, but did he just push that guy out of the way so he could be up front? No class at all."

"Leaders don't push to the front," wrote a third. "They earn the respect of others so that they step aside and offer the front position. And even then, a true leader would offer it to another."

Others defended the president, pointing out nobody knows the full story and the gesture may be misunderstood.

"He was probably supposed to be in the front," said one person. "The person he touched is not upset and is standing beside him. We don't know what this photo op was for or what happened prior. I know that Trump haters will see only negativity but their hysteria is really getting tiresome."

"He didn't push him, if you watch closely, he's doing the same thing all guys do when greeting each other, even patted the guys on the back and you can see he reciprocated as their arms 'untwine,'" claimed another social media user. "Stop making up lies and writing your stories, the press is out of hand."

At the same time, some believed Trump did push the prime minister out of the way -- and was right to do so.

"Good for him," said one commenter. "He is a the president of the United States. He should have been out in front anyways. No respect from the NATO leaders to crowd him out."

"President Trump is there to speak to the NATO leaders- he should be in front," added another. "What's rude and embarrassing is 23 out of 28 countries not paying their fair share, costing us, the US taxpayers."

Sources: CNN, NBC News/Facebook / Photo credit: NATO/Flickr

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