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Trump: I Will 'Buy American And Hire Americans'

In an effort to put "America First," President-elect Donald Trump will make sure he and his administration "buy American and hire Americans" during his presidency, he said at a Dec. 13 rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"My administration will follow two simple rules: buy American and hire Americans," Trump told the crowd at his "Thank You Tour" event, according to the Times of India. "We're going to do it. Because from now on it's going to be America first, America first."

In his speech, Trump criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying it has caused the U.S. to lose a third of its manufacturing jobs and 70,000 factories.

"I look at some of these deals we make and some of the treaties and some of everything and I say, I think these people were thinking about the other nations," he added to his crowd of supporters. "I honestly do. I say it's impossible for this to happen either that or campaign contributions were magnificent for people. But the deals are so bad, so disgraceful that I actually think they are putting other countries ahead of our own."

Touting his business credentials, the president-elect promised to negotiate better trade agreements to fix what he said was a "nearly $800 billion annual trade deficit."

One way he proposed to fix this is by holding nations like China accountable to his standards, by officially labeling the Asian nation as a currency manipulator and considering imposing tariffs against it.

"One of the most important relations we must improve, and we have to improve, is our relationship with China," Trump said at a Dec. 8 rally in Des Moines, notes CNN. "The nation of China is responsible for almost half of America's trade deficit ... They haven't played by the rules and I know it's time they're going to start. We're all in this thing together, folks. We have to play by the rules, folks."

Sources: Times of India, CNN / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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