Trump Pinatas Spring Up For Cinco De Mayo (Video)


Pinatas made in the image of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are springing up around the country for Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday, on May 5 (video below).

The news site Mic notes in a Facebook video how Hispanics and their supporters are gearing up to "thump Trump" with the pinatas because of Trump's anti-immigrant statements and policy plans.

In St. Louis, a giant "El Trumpo Pinata" was created by Francis Rodriguez, a local restaurateur and artist, who told the Latin Times:

This is our political statement. I see Donald Trump as a dangerous character. We are trying to get people to think about him and about what he really stands for. We don’t have much power in the greater society versus those like Donald Trump who dominates the airwaves. Therefore, only weapon we have is ridicule. We are making fun of Trumpo. This event is meant to be an inclusive event for the entire family!

Rodriguez originally created a papier mache Trump pinata for a Mexican Independence Day celebration in August 2015.

As in 2015, children will once again smash the Trump pinata and gather the candy that falls out. The festivities will be held on May 7, since May 5 lands on a Thursday.

However, not everyone is a Trump-hater.

The Hancock Street Cafe in San Diego has a giant "Trump 2016" sign, reports NBC San Diego.

Inside the eatery, there are Trump pictures, stickers, banners and a pinata, all courtesy of owner Mario Waclawski who strongly supports the GOP candidate.

"This is not easy to do this," Waclawski told the news station. "He’s got everything. He’s got money, friends, he's got everything. Now he’s risking life for me, so, 'Wait a minute. Let me risk my life too and now we’re even.'"

Not all the locals share his Trump support.

"We’ve had people come by and yell 'FU,'" Robert Witcher, a regular customer, recalled.

"Those people, they want you to fight back," Waclawski added. "I said, 'No. Forgiveness and love is the power.'"

Sources: Latin Times, Mic/Facebook, NBC San Diego / Photo Credit: Jenna Abrams/Twitter

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