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Trump & Palin Eat Pizza; Trump May Still Run for President

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We may not have seen the last of Donald Trump, presidential candidate -- Trump now says he might still mount an independent candidacy for the White House.

Trump is certainly still hanging around with politicos -- Tuesday night he met Sarah Palin for pizza in Manhattan as her "One Nation" bus tour stopped in the Big Apple.

"Every time you go to New York, you gotta see Donald Trump," Palin said after downing a slice, according to the New York Daily News. "I approve of his independence. I told him, 'don't shy away from speaking out.'"

For his part, Trump said, "She didn't ask me (to run with her) but I'll tell you, she's a terrific woman."

Being someone's running mate clearly is not on Trump's mind. After announcing in May that he would not run for the Republican nomination for president, Trump said on Wednesday that he still harbors presidential aspirations.

"I could absolutely run as an independent, and maybe I'd be better off," he said on Fox 5's "Good Day New York."

Trump said if he did run, it would be after the next season of "The Apprentice" ends. The reality show is part of the reason he did not seek the GOP nomination. He could not do the show and run for president at the same time -- it would violate equal time laws.

Trump said it would be "very hard to give up a hit show" because he was making a "tremendous amount of money."

Speaking of money, if Trump did run, he would have to file disclosure statements with the Federal Election Commission. Trump has always kept his finances a secret, and observers don't think he would be willing to file the required forms, according to CBS News.

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