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RNC Veteran Sean Spicer To Be Trump's Press Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump announced Dec. 22 that Republican Party communications chief Sean Spicer will be the new White House press secretary when the new administration takes office in January 2017.

Trump announced on his official transition website, Great Again, that Spicer will head his communication team, while his former campaign spokesperson, Hope Hicks, will be the director of strategic communications. GOP communications strategist Jason Miller will serve as Trump's director of communications, and Dan Scavino, who managed Trump's social media during his campaign, will move into the role of social media director for the White House.

"Sean, Hope, Jason and Dan have been key members of my team during the campaign and transition," Trump said in a statement on his website. "I am excited they will be leading the team that will communicate my agenda that will Make America Great Again."

Spicer has worked as the RNC communications director for six years and has been involved in GOP communications for 15, notes CNN Money. Conservative pundits Laura Ingraham and Monica Crowley were also reported to be in the running for the position, though Trump ended up appointing Crowley as his National Security Council's senior director of strategic communications.

"Thank you @realDonaldTrump for this amazing honor," Spicer tweeted on Dec. 22, along with a link to the announcement. "Excited to join Hope Hicks @DanScavino @JasonMillerinDC"

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Spicer defended Trump throughout the campaign cycle and on Dec. 14 praised the nation's incoming leader for his transparency amid criticism Trump has received for delaying his first press conference as president-elect until the new year.

"What we've seen in government for so often is that people have been shady -- about their roles, hiding things, not releasing things," Spicer told CNN at the time. "We have a camera for goodness sake. Every single person who enters Trump Tower, you get to see them go up, go down, they talk to the press."

Sources: Great Again, CNN Money, Sean Spicer/Twitter / Photo credit: Sean Spicer/Twitter

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