Trump Accused Of Hypocritically Bowing To Saudi King (Video)


After condemning his predecessor for doing the same thing in 2009, President Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he also seemingly bowed to the Saudi king (video below).

Many conservatives mocked President Barack Obama in 2014 for reportedly bowing to the late King Abdullah despite the White House saying he hadn't, The Washington Post reports.

"It wasn't a bow," an anonymous aide explained. "He grasped his hand with two hands, and he's taller."

Still, many refused to believe it. Trump later said it symbolized how "[Obama] begs and pleads and bows."

"[Barack Obama] bowed to the Saudi King in public--yet the Dems are questioning [Mitt Romney]'s diplomatic skills," tweeted Trump in 2012.

But on May 20, many accused Trump of hypocrisy when he was seen bending over in what looked, to some, like a bow to King Salman while receiving an honorary collar of Saudi Arabia's founder.

"Candidly this makes me want to puke #JaredsIdea," tweeted conservative Roger Stone, one of Trump's top political backers. He posted a picture of the perceived bow with his tweet.

"The Saudis made a complete fool of Trump for the world to see," added another person on NBC commentator Joe Scarborough's Facebook post about the bow. "They got his number and all they had to do was wave bright shiny gold objects in front of him. Anybody who knows anything about the history and culture should know they have him right where they want him. This will be interesting to see who owns the US first, the Russians or the Saudis. He's nothing but a lap dog for anyone who has the cash. The 'for sale' sign is in the front yard of America."

Others were quick to defend Trump.

"He bent to receive medal," wrote one. "He did not bow in subservience during greeting."

"I despise Trump, but all he's doing here is reasonable protocol," wrote another person in response to Stone's tweet. "I have no problem with it. But if it incites Trumpniks to puke, fine by me."

"You guys can find anyway to lie and lie and lie," added another. "The president did not bow down the president lowered his head to receive an award that they gave him a very prestigious award."

Others were more ambivalent about the alleged bow.

"I don't really care if he bowed, curtsied or tripped over his own feet," added another person. "The main news is the U.S. gave the Saudis a $110 billion gift so they can continue their human rights abuses against Yemen and their own people."

Regardless of whether Obama or Trump did bow, neither would be the first president to make similar humble gestures.

President George W. Bush kissed and held hands with Saudi royalty, while his father -- President George H.W. Bush -- once bowed to a dead Japanese emperor.

Sources: The Washington Post, Roger Stone/Twitter, Joe Scarborough/Facebook / Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Riyadh/Wikimedia Commons, Roger Stone/Twitter

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