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Trump May Still Appoint Special Prosecutor For Clinton (Video)

President-elect Donald Trump may still appoint a special prosecutor to go after his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, which would be a first in U.S. history (video below).

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was asked on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Nov. 9 if Trump was going to appoint a prosecutor and jail Clinton, as he promised to do during the race.

Conway did not rule out prosecution in her reply: "We did not discuss that last night since his victory, and he certainly didn’t address it with Mrs. Clinton on the phone."

Conway was reminded of Trump's promise to prosecute Clinton, and she stated:

I would need to discuss that with him. But I think you heard his own words last night to the extent that one man can as president and Vice President Pence, who is phenomenal, they’re looking to unify the country. But we haven’t discussed that in recent days.

I think that it’s all in good time. I think that Donald Trump proved, too, that even amidst a corrupt and rigged system where people are forgotten and don’t feel like they can get a fair shot, they somehow can rise up on Election Day and express their voice.

CNN reports that some Wall Street traders booed and shouted, "Lock her up!" on Nov. 9 as Clinton's morning concession speech was broadcast on TV screens at the New York Stock Exchange.

"Ding-dong, the witch is dead!" one trader yelled.

The stock market reportedly stabilized on Nov. 9 after the dollar plunged and the Dow Jones dropped 750 points on Nov. 8 in response to Trump's win. The Dow rose 200 points after Clinton's concession speech, making money for traders, some of whom despise her.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump supporters chanted, "Lock her up!" and "Drain the swamp!" during an invite-only victory party at the New York Hilton Nov. 8.

Sources: MSNBC via YouTube, CNN, Daily Mail / Photo credit: MSNBC via YouTube

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