Trump Launches First Campaign Ads (Video)

Radio listeners in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina will be getting an earful from Donald Trump ahead of the election primaries (video below).

For the price of $300,000, Trump will debut two radio spots, one of which he narrates personally, CNN reports.

"Donald Trump learned the values of hard work, determination and faith at an early age," a female narrator says in one ad. "He went on to build one of the world's most iconic brands and companies which employs thousands of people.

"Donald Trump is running for president because politicians are all talk and no action. They will never make our country great again. It's time to make America great again -- maybe greater than ever before. Vote Donald Trump for president.”

In the ad Trump narrates, he promises not to disappoint his constituents because he can "produce." 

“The fact is, I'm going to make the greatest trade deals we've ever made in our country," Trump says. "Obamacare is a total disaster. It will be repealed and replaced with something much better.”

Trump also promises to defeat ISIS and protect Israel, Business Insider reports.

Sources: Business Insider, CNN / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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