Trump Invites Girl On Stage, Gives Her Awkward Kiss (Video)

During a speech on Oct. 17, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump invited a little girl on stage where he gave her an awkward kiss (video below).

"Hi, you want to come up and see me?" Trump asked the girl. "You want come up? Come on. The most beautiful little girl. Wow, and she got all decked out for this evening. Wow, so beautiful."

The girl walked on stage where Trump picked her up. The child told Trump her name, and pointed out her parents. Trump complimented her parents, and gave the girl a kiss that she didn't seemed prepared for.

Mediaite.com notes some of the reactions on Twitter:

"This is extremely painful to watch. That poor girl was so uncomfortable. Trump is a disgusting, perverted man."

"Trump tried to kiss a little girl at his rally tonight and she isn't having it."

"Just saw the gif of Trump trying to kiss the little Black girl and I had a visceral reaction and I feel sick to my stomach now."

"I'll admit, I wasn't ready to see Trump trying to kiss a little black girl on the mouth. Who the hell does that to someone else's child?"

Trump's wife Melania tried to help her husband's image on the same day during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper (video below).

Melania was addressing Trump's 2005 comments to Billy Bush in which he boasted about grabbing women (by a crude word for vagina) without permission. Trump was 59 years old at the time, and had recently married Melania.

Melania told Cooper that that she wondered if her husband and Bush knew their mics were on during their "boy talk," and added that Bush appeared to have "egged on" her husband to say "dirty and bad stuff."

Cooper asked Melania if she had heard her husband use that type of language before, and she replied:

No. That's why I was surprised because I said I don't know that person that would talk that way, and that he would say that kind of stuff in private. I heard many different stuff, boys talk. The boys that the way they talk when they grow up and they want to sometimes show each other, "Oh, this and that" and talking about the girls. But yeah, I was surprised, of course.

RawStory.com notes that some of the reactions on Twitter were not favorable:

"'Boy talk' from a 60-year-old man?"

"In an interview with CNN, Melania Trump calls her husband's language 'boy talk.' It's like that old saying, 'Boys will be sexual predators.'"

"Melania keeps saying 'boy talk' like this slur wasn't damn near 60 when that tape aired. How long do white men get to be boys?"

Sources: Mediaite.com, RawStory.com, CNN via YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube

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