Trump Stops Phone Call To Compliment Reporter (Video)


President Donald Trump sparked some backlash on social media after he commented on a reporter's nice smile during his conversation with the newly appointed Irish prime minister (video below).

Reporter Caitriona Perry took to Twitter on June 27 to share a video of the moment Trump interrupted his phone call with Ireland's newly elected prime minister, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, to compliment her on her smile, the Daily Mail reported.

"Video of the bizarre moment when President (Trump) called me over during his call with Taoiseach," Perry tweeted.

In the video, Trump is heard congratulating Varadkar on his victory. He then briefly stops his conversation to compliment one of the reporters in the room.

"Well, we have a lot of your Irish press watching us. They're just now leaving the room," Trump told Varadkar.

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"And where are you from? Go ahead, come here. Where are you from?" Trump motioned at Perry. "We have all of this beautiful Irish press. Where are you from?"

The president then said Perry had a "beautiful smile on her face," and told Varadkar, "I bet she treats you well."

Perry continued smiling before making her way back to her seat. Other reporters are heard laughing in the room.

Trump then delivered a message to the group of reporters on behalf of their new prime minister.

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"He thanks you for the newspapers, Caitriona," Trump said.

Several Twitter users responded to the video. Most seemed disgusted by the president's remarks.

"It's hell to be objectified. When POTUS has no fear of doing that surrounded by cameras," wrote on user. "I'm so sorry. Your success is more than a smile."

"Remarks like that in workplace R completely inappropriate," wrote another. "There's a time & place: discussing one's attractiveness in workplace is wrong."

"Trump, 'She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.' Ms.Perry, please accept the apology of at least 1 female American," another user wrote.

Other users didn't see anything wrong with the president's comments.

"So any man that says you're beautiful&you have a nice smile is a creep?" asked one user. "I normally take that as a compliment. I see your minds in the gutter."

"But u were giggling he sounded kind to u," wrote another user. "Can't women take compliments anymore?"

"He complimented her on her smile. How the hell is that creepy?" asked another.

In an interview with her own network, Perry provided more details about her day at the White House.

"One minute we were outside the window and the next minute I'm meeting the President of the United States," Perry said. "Usually we would shoot from outside the window of the White House and that's what we were expecting today but instead we were invited inside to witness the President's call to the Taoiseach.

"When we went in he was already on the phone but I managed to catch his eye and he called me over."

Sources: Daily Mail, Caitriona Perry/Twitter / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/FlickrCaitriona Perry/Twitter (2)

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