Trump Is Heckled At Christian Conference (Video)

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was heckled on June 10 during his speech at a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in the District of Columbia (video below)

Trump was in the early part of his speech at the FFC's Road to Majority conference when he was interrupted by protesters who shouted, "refugees are welcome here," and, "no hate," notes The Hill.

While the protesters were removed by security, the conservative Christian audience yelled, "Trump! Trump! Trump," and, "USA! USA! USA!"

In a video of the incident, a female protester is seen hanging on to a chair while a guard drags her out. Two other women are seen being escorted out, as well.

"A little freedom of speech, please," Trump stated. "Freedom of speech. Thank you. Very rude, but what are you going to do? ... Very sad what's happening ... What's happening in our country is so sad. We are so divided. It's such a shame."

During another part of his speech recorded by MSNBC, Trump told the audience how important religious freedom is, and that people should not be judged by their race or color, notes Crooks And Liars:

Religious freedom: The right of people of faith to freely practice their faith. So important. Freedom of any kind means no one should be judged by their race or their color and the color of their skin; should not be judged that way. And right now we have a very divided nation. We're going to bring our nation together. If I win, we're going to bring our nation together.

Meanwhile, Trump has called for banning people from the U.S. if their religious faith is Muslim, attacked a federal judge based on his Mexican heritage, suggested Muslim judges cannot be trusted and has called Mexicans "rapists."

However, the Christian audience didn't seem to notice any contradiction, and cheered.

In an interview published in June, Trump told TIME he doesn't need to disclose specifics on his policies.

"My voters don’t care and the public doesn’t care," Trump said. "They know you’re going to do a good job once you’re there."

Sources: The Hill, Crooks And LiarsTIME / Photo Credit: CNN via The Hill Newspaper/YouTube

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