Trump's Approval Rating Sinks To Lowest Ever


A new poll shows President Donald Trump's approval rating sink to the lowest for anyone in history.

Recent Gallup statistics show Trump's approval rating hovering between 35 and 40 percent, the lowest the poll has ever measured, CNBC reported. The new statistics come in the wake of former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before a Senate Intelligence Committee about the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia.

Despite Comey's testimony, the news site reported that chances of a Trump impeachment are still a long shot. They, did not, however, rule out the possibility of Vice President Mike Pence eventually stepping into the Oval Office.

Chief investment strategist Sam Stova admitted that impeachment has been a topic of discussion.

"They’re saying it would be better to get Trump out of the way. Pence is very much like Trump on issues about business and very different in terms of being able to get things done in Washington,” Stova told CNBC.

A portion of the American people reportedly agree. According to prediction site Predictit, 20 percent of those who voted believe that Trump will no longer be president by the end of 2017. Another 18 percent believe he will be impeached.

As for 2018, the "no" vote for whether Trump will still be president increased to 38 percent.

Pence has kept a low profile throughout the Trump and Comey ordeal. He's been reportedly focusing more on his responsibilities as second in command.

The vice president's most recent controversial topic was his co-signing of Trump's decision to back the United States out of the Paris Agreement.

"Our President is choosing to put American jobs, American consumers, American energy, and American industry first," Pence tweeted of Trump's decision.

Pence has reportedly remained active, giving speeches on several different topics. He has also been vocal on Twitter, showing his condolences to the victims of the London attack and tweeting about his meetings with different groups.

"I think of Vice President Pence as being for standard-issue conservative economic policies, including tax cuts in the spirit of Ryan/Trump, smaller government, spending cuts everywhere, including entitlements, except defense, " said Jared Bernstein, who was the top economic adviser to former Vice President Joe Biden from 2009 to 2011, and is currently a senior fellow at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. "On health care, however, he was one of a minority of [GOP] governors who took the ACA Medicaid expansion in his state, so that cuts against type a bit."

Meanwhile, Trump just recently broke his Twitter silence to respond to Comey's testimony.

"Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication...and WOW, Comey is a leaker!" the president tweeted.

Trump went on to thank Fox News for their "great reporting."

Sources: CNBC, Predictit, Vice President Pence/Twitter, Donald J. Trump/Twitter (2) / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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