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Trump Fan Calls Hillary Voters The B-Word On Plane (Video)

An unidentified supporter of President-elect Donald Trump recently called supporters of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton "b******" on an airplane (video below).

Facebook user Emma Baum posted a video on Nov. 22 of the man standing in the middle of the aisle clapping his hands and shouting as he takes a poll of voters:

How many people, man? Really? Ain't nobody gonna say no s*** on this plane? You can't hear me? Donald Trump, baby! That's right, this man knows what's up! We got some Hillary b******* on here? Come on baby! Trump! That's what I thought, that's what I'm talking about! Hey baby, Donald Trump is your president, every god******** one of you! If you don't like it, too bad!

The airline cabin is silent and filled with glares, but there do not appear to be any flight attendants stepping in to calm the situation. It's not clear which airline the incident happened on.

Facebook commenters had a lot to say about the man, mostly negative:

  • "All of a sudden the hidden closet racists start popping up out of 'nowhere' to claim their deplorable candidate elect!! Racism wasn't dead, it was just scared to come out! Because somebody was going to pop that lip!!! Don't get caught in the wrong zone mister!!"
  • "Wow he was never addressed by Flight Attendants? I know people who were put off for less. Wow."
  • "SECURITY oh wait never mind white privilege at its finest trump don't give a f*** about poor white trash if you not in the the upper 1% in the words of katt Williams we all N$&#?"
  • "Trump trailer park trash! Take several seats!"

In more Trump news, journalist Sarah Kendzior tweeted a short blurb about Ivanka Trump Nov. 24 that was originally reported in August 2006 by the Chicago Tribune: "'If he wasn't my father, I would spray him with Mace.' --Ivanka Trump, 24, the daughter of Donald Trump, on her father complimenting her figure on a talk show and then joking that he would date her if he weren't her father."

Sources: Emma Baum/Facebook, Sarah Kendzior/Twitter, Chicago Tribune / Photo credit: Emma Baum/Facebook via YouTube

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