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Donald Trump's Children Open Up About Their Childhood (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is famous for his business success and blistering bravado, but according to his children, he is also a family man (video below).

In a sit-down with Barbara Walters on ABC News’ “20/20,” four of the business mogul’s adult children discussed their family life. Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany Trump all pitched in positive memories about their childhoods. Their younger brother, 9-year-old Barron Trump, was not there, ABC News reports.

The four members of the Trump clan unmistakably hail from an billionaire upbringing. Brothers Donald and Eric both style themselves after their father with slicked-back hair and pink ties, while their sisters Ivanka and Tiffany sport bleach-blond hair. All four are immaculately dressed as they speak with Walters.

They all report happy if unconventional childhoods spent with their workaholic father.

“We grew up walking construction sites,” Ivanka tells ABC News. “He (Donald) found a way that was true to him to connect with us that maybe is a little less traditional because he was working so hard … and we are so comfortable in our relationship with our father.”

“Our times together were learning, playing in his office,” says Tiffany.

According to these members of the Trump clan, the business mogul would always take time out of his schedule to address his children's needs, ABC News reports.

“Regardless of what he was doing, regardless of who he was meeting with, if we called, he took the phone,” says Donald Jr. “When we were 6 years old, I would call. He would be negotiating with a CEO of a major bank or whatever it may be, and he would make them wait. He take the call from us.”

The four siblings agree they have learned their father’s mannerisms and turns of phrase, which they affectionately call “Trumpisms,” ABC News reports.

Walters also had a separate sit-down with the presidential candidate and his wife, Melania Trump. Walters claims to be impressed with Trump’s spouse, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“If a man says this, I would kill him, but maybe because she’s [Melania] so beautiful, we don’t expect her to be as smart as she is,” says Walters Entertainment Tonight reports.

Sources: ABC News, Entertainment Tonight / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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