Trump: Don't Trust, Won't Use US Intelligence (Video)


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Aug. 16 in Milwaukee that he does not trust U.S. intelligence sources and won't use them if he is elected president (video below).

Trump made his comments during an interview with Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt. Trump was speaking about his decision to have retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn with him for an Aug. 17 classified intelligence briefing at the FBI, notes Politico.

Earhardt asked Trump if he trusts "intelligence," and the GOP nominee replied that he did not:

Not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. Look what's happened over the last 10 years. Look what's happened over the years. It's been catastrophic. And, in fact, I won't use some of the people that are sort of your standards, just use them, use them, use them, very easy to use them, but I won't use them because they've made such bad decisions.

You look at Iraq. You look at the Middle East. It's a total powder keg. If we would have never touched it, it would have been a lot better. We would have been much better off. On top of which, we've spent probably $4 trillion. Nobody even knows what we've spent. So, no, I have great people, and Gen. Flynn is one of them.

As a matter of record, U.S. intelligence does not make "decisions" regarding U.S. government actions such as invading Iraq. Foreign policy and military action are set by the president of the United States.

Trump has expressed support of waterboarding as part of his foreign policy, but The Hill noted that CIA Director John Brennan said in July: "I’m not going to be the director of CIA that gives that order. I think they’re going to need to find another director."

The Huffington Post reports that Flynn has worked as an analyst for Russia Today, a Russian government-funded TV network. In addition to Flynn, Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was scheduled to accompany Trump to the FBI briefing.

Sources: POLITICO, The Huffington Post, The Hill / Photo Credit: Fox News via YouTube

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