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Trump Courts Activist Who Wants Abortion Docs Executed

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with hundreds of evangelical leaders on June 21, including pro-life activist Troy Newman, who once called for abortion providers to be executed by the government.

Newman, who heads Operation Rescue, said in a statement on the anti-abortion group's website: "I'm very impressed that Mr. Trump would sit with conservative leaders for multiple questions, and then give direct answers. I don’t believe anything like this has ever happened."

According to Operation Rescue, Trump pledged to appoint pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Courts, repeal and replace Obamacare and its so-called "abortion mandate," sign the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (which would ban all abortions at 20 weeks), and defund Planned Parenthood. noted that Newman and fellow activist Cheryl Sullenger wrote a book in 2000 entitled "Their Blood Cries Out" in which they called for the state executions of abortion providers:

In addition to our personal guilt in abortion, the United States government has abrogated its responsibility to properly deal with the blood-guilty. This responsibility rightly involves executing convicted murderers, including abortionists, for their crimes in order to expunge bloodguilt from the land and people. Instead, the act of abortion has been elevated to a “God-given right” and the abortionists canonized as saints. Consequently, the entire nation has the blood-red stain of the lives of the innocent upon its head.

Newman and Sullenger also wrote that women who have abortions are murderers:

By comparing abortion directly to any other act of premeditated contract killing, it is easy to see that there is no difference in principle. However, in our society, a mother of an aborted baby is considered untouchable where as any other mother, killing any other family member, would be called what she is: a murderer.

 ... In reality, the woman is the same as a contract killer, hiring out the murder of her defenseless child, and the supporter is a co-conspirator, aiding and abetting the crime. They believe that their charitable act of lending support will some how make up for their participation in murder. Until they can both face the fact that they bear responsibility for the murder of an innocent child and own up to it, there should be no comfort for them.

Sources: Operation / Photo Credit:  Operation Rescue/Twitter

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