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Trump Caught On Camera Picking Up Marine's Hat (Video)

Trump Caught On Camera Picking Up Marine's Hat (Video) Promo Image

President Donald Trump is getting rave reviews for picking up a Marine's hat at Andrew's Air Force Base (video below).

In the footage, Trump and a Marine service member are seen walking toward Marine One after returning home on July 8 from the G20 summit in Germany.

When they get near the helicopter, however, a Marine who was standing guard at at the bottom of the aircraft's stairway has his hat blown off by the wind.

Trump notices the hat on the ground, picks it up, places it on the Marine's head, and gives him a pat on the shoulder, as the Marine continues to stand at attention.

The hat immediately blows off again, and the president chases after it. This time, the Marine service member who was accompanying Trump picks up the hat for him, so the president can finally board the plane.

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As Trump ascends the stairs, the service member approaches the hatless Marine, continues to hold the hat, and salutes him. Once the president is on board, the hat is handed to the Marine, who places it properly on his head.

Notable conservatives were quick to give kudos to Trump for his gesture, observes Newsweek. In a tweet accompanied by a heart symbol and an American flag symbol, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said: "Thank you President Donald J. Trump."

Also on Twitter, Chuck Woolery, former host of television's "Love Connection," declared: "NOT AT ALL SURPRISED IT'S WHO HE IS."

On Fox News, Tammy Bruce‏ used the video to compare Trump favorably to former President Barack Obama. She pointed to a 2013 outdoor news conference in which a Marine held an umbrella over Obama's head while it rained. "President Trump Picks Up Marine’s Hat… Obama Had Marines Hold Umbrellas," Bruce tweeted.

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Trump foe CNN dished out compliments, too, notes the Daily Mail. Introducing the video footage of Trump and the Marine's hat, a network anchor reportedly said: "You got to come watch this. This was actually a light moment. We just wanted to play it for you. He's trying to right the ship here and help out the Marine who is standing alongside it and can't move from his position."

Ironically, the Marine Corps Times didn't seem particularly impressed, devoting only two short paragraphs to the story.

However, the comments section was more animated. A man who is identified as an employee of the United States Army wrote: "This man is truly the President of the people god bless President Trump." J

ody Stepp, who works in Quality Control at Mars, Incorporated, opted for the Tammy Bruce approach and used the opportunity to wage a partisan attack. "Obama would have laughed and kept on being a douche," said Stepp. "Sanders would have knocked the other Marines cover off to make them equal, and [former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] would have tried to hide the poor Marines cover in her purse."

While at the G20 summit in Germany, Trump met with world leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sources: Newsweek, Marine Corps Times, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Gage Skimore/Flickr, AFP/Getty Images via Daily Mail, CNN/Facebook via Daily Mail

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