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Trump Campaign's Financial Report: The Highlights

Donald Trump filed his campaign’s financial report with the Federal Election Commission this week, and it contains some unexpected details. 

For one, his largest expenditure has been on campaign promotional items like hats, T-shirts, bumper stickers and yard signs, according to Reuters.

In all, the billionaire real estate developer and GOP front-runner spent $825,000 on such items. Over $500,000 was spent on hats — including his iconic “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hats — and T-shirts alone, NBC News reports. 

That sets his campaign apart from most who typically spend the biggest slice of their cash on payroll, mailings and consultants, according to Reuters. 

But perhaps more surprising is that Trump, who has emphasized that he will run a self-financed campaign, has taken in more than $3.9 million from private donors during the most recent quarter. Roughly $3.8 million of that has come in increments smaller than $200, USA Today reports. 

Many of those are characterized as “unsolicited donations” by Trump officials, according to NBC. The news stiation also notes that the candidate’s website features a noticeable “donate” button.

In all, Trump has only invested $1.9 million of his own money into his campaign so far.

The campaign spent $4.2 million last quarter. 

Trump’s next largest expenditure, following promotional materials, was $700,000 for flights on his private 757 jet, Reuters reports. 

Others include $160,000 for legal advice; $30,000 for online fundraising; roughly $37,000 for “strategy consulting;” and over $51,000 for security services, according to NBC.

Conspicuously absent from the report is money spent on pollsters — another line item typically at the top of most campaign reports. 

Trump told NBC that’s by design, and noted that his opponents “pay pollsters hundreds of thousands of dollars.” But Trump said that’s one of his campaign’s strengths. 

“I don’t want pollsters,” he added.

Here are the total campaign expenditures for selected presidential candidates during the third quarter of 2015, courtesy of NBC News:

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Sources: Reuters via Newsweek, NBC News, USA Today

Photo credit: Trump campaign website


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