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Trump Campaign Raises $3.9 Million In Three Months, Mostly From Small Donations

Real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made a point of renouncing large contributions since he began his campaign in June.

But that has not stopped the cash from flowing in, with tens of thousands of supporters sending checks to Trump's campaign between July and September, according to The Associated Press.

The total number of contributions to Trump's presidential campaign for the quarter that ended on Oct. 1 totaled 73,942, surpassing several of his GOP rivals.

Trump initially renounced the idea of accepting any contributions, but changed his mind in a matter of months, adding a prominent “Donate” button to his website as well as an online store selling merchandise, like hats and sweatshirts.

The change in strategy appears to have paid off for Trump. Financial reports filed during the week of Oct. 11 show Trump raised $3.9 million between July and September, with over 70 percent of the haul coming from people donating $200 or less.

The latest Federal Election Commission filings show that most of Trump's campaign expenses in the last quarter were financed by contributions rather than himself. The campaign said the average contribution was $50.46.

Trump's support tends to be geographically diverse, with contributors coming from small towns, suburbs and large cities. He's raised money from hundreds of middle-class professionals who are attracted to his unconventional style of politics.

Trump is not the only GOP candidate who has done well with small donors. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson led the Republican field in total donations for the quarter at $20.7 million, 60 percent of which came from donations amounting to $200 or less, according to Newsweek. Rival Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas took in $12.2 million, about half of which came from donors giving $200 or less.

As for the Democratic candidates, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took in the largest haul at $29.7 million and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont took in $26.2 million, over 75 percent of which came from small donors.

Sources: AP via CBS, Newsweek, CNN / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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