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Trump Campaign Only Allows Trump Supporters Into Rally, Threatens Others With Arrest (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign pre-screened people who attended his rally in Burlington, Vermont, on Jan. 7 (video below).

MSNBC host Chris Hayes interviewed three people who were turned away from the rally that day by the Trump campaign.

A mom named Jess recalled: "They said, 'Are you a Trump supporter?' and I said, 'I'm here to listen and observe and learn.' And they repeated their question, 'Are you a Trump supporter?' And I said, "I'm here to listen,' and they indicated that I needed to leave: 'You need to leave now for you'll be arrested for trespassing, this is a private event' ... And I was escorted out by the police."

Another woman named Caroline recalled how she told the Trump campaign that she was not a supporter, and was given the trespassing warning as well.

Caroline's brother Tim said he was "undecided," but wanted hear opposing points of view. He was also booted out.

The Daily Mail reported on the same event: "Donald Trump's campaign tried to use a loyalty test on Thursday night to screen protesters out of a rally, but progressive hooligans made it inside a theater anyway and let him have it with both foul-mouthed barrels."

The news site noted that several protesters got inside the rally and dropped the F-word on Trump before being removed by security.

Trump was caught on video telling security to throw a protester out into the cold without his coat.

Sources: Daily Mail, MSNBC / Photo Credit: MSNBC via YouTube Screenshot

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