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Trump Calls Media 'Scum' During New Hampshire Rally


During a rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire, on Oct. 26, GOP front-runner Donald Trump slammed the media and called journalists “scum.”

“The press has a lower approval rating than Congress,” he said at the morning event, according to The Hill. “They’re scum. They’re horrible people. They are so illegitimate. They are just terrible people.”

Trump did admit that some in the press are “honorable,” but he added that he believes 50 percent are “terrible people.”

The only group of people the real estate mogul dislikes more than the media, however, are politicians.

“The other thing I’ve learned is how stupid our politicians are,” he said. “If [President] Obama did a great job, I’d love him. I wouldn’t be running.”

Trump also spoke to his success within the Republican field so far in the race for the White House.

“I’ve been No. 1 since almost the day I filed,” he said, promising that if he’s elected the American people are “going to have so many wins” that they’d be “pouring out of your ears.”

“You’re going to get tired of winning,” he added.

Sources: The Hill, Eagle Tribune / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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