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Donald Trump: Bill Clinton Is One Of The World's 'Great Abusers'

Former President Bill Clinton is "one of the great abusers of the world," and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a washed-up candidate who's "wasting his time" by staying in the presidential race, according to Donald Trump.

Trump made the claims on Dec. 29 as he declared "war" on the Clintons and Bush, a week before former President Clinton is set to join wife Hillary on the campaign trail, ABC News reported.

"I consider them enemies," Trump told an enthusiastic crowd during a campaign event in South Carolina. "We view this as war. Don't we view this as war?"

The Republican front-runner drew laughs as he poked fun at fellow GOP candidate Bush, who is averaging 4.4 percent in national polls, according to Real Clear Politics.

The two Republicans have traded barbs in recent weeks, with Bush flatly calling Trump a "jerk" and challenging the real estate mogul to a one-on-one debate, Time reported. 

Trump gleefully mocked Bush for falling well short of expectations political analysts had for his campaign.

"He spent $59 million on his campaign and he is down in the grave; he is nowhere," Trump said of Bush. "Honestly, he should go home and relax. He shouldn’t be wasting his time."

Trump was rallying support in South Carolina ahead of a Republican debate slated for Jan. 14 in North Charleston, which will be broadcast by Fox Business Network.

Trump reserved the harshest criticism for the Clintons after Democratic front-runner Hillary said Trump had "a penchant for sexism."

Before his headline-making South Carolina appearance, Trump took to Twitter to lob insults at the Clintons, pointing to the presidential scandal two decades ago that ultimately resulted in Bill's impeachment for lying about having "sexual relations" with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

"I did have to mention her husband’s situation," Trump told the South Carolina crowd. "And that is now the biggest story on television by a factor of 10. We have to do it. You can’t let people push you around. You can't let people tell lies."

Sources: ABC News, The New York Times, Real Clear Politics, Time / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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