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Trump Booed As He Attacks 'Nasty' Press In Davos

Trump Booed As He Attacks 'Nasty' Press In Davos Promo Image

On Jan. 26, U.S. President Donald Trump found himself in some hot water as he directly attacked a political reporter in the World Economic Forum (WEF), which was held in Davos, Switzerland.

The comments were intended as humor and jokes, as reported by some media -- especially the anti-Trump "secret society" at the FBI. The president in his speech blamed the press for giving fake news to society since the early stage of his campaign right up to the current moment as he sits as president in the White House.

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He was addressing an audience of over 1,800. His comments concerning fake reporters caused some of them, especially journalists who were at the back of the room, to boo and moan, which interfered with his speech giving.

Further, his attacking remarks reportedly surprised the billionaires who were present. 

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What exactly has the press done to the president that he could not hold his words anymore? In this case, Trump was clear to explain what exactly the media had said or done to elicit such a reaction.

"I've always seemed to get for whatever reason, a disproportionate amount of press or media, and – throughout my whole life – somebody will explain some day why, but I've always gotten a lot," he said.

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However, in 2015, when he launched presidential campaign, most reporters seemed to have developed more of an interest in his daily life instead of his professional one, thus dishing up nasty and fake news to the public. Trump openly describes most press as vicious, nasty, mean and false.. 

In addition, the president claimed that television cameras simply turn off after he makes anti-media remarks. However, the president defended his firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump then reportedly said that he has always had good press.

Trump was at the end of his pro-America speech addressing some of the world leaders at Davos when he forced the audience to boos and laughter following his comments on the political reporters.

Trump directly told the founder of the annual forum, Klaus Schwab, that he is disappointed by the type of press which surrounds him, especially now that he is a politician. He further claimed that his relationship with media was better when he was a businessman.

Following his comments, many of the reporters seemingly lost their composure. Some of the reporters booed at the president while others laughed. However, some reported that those who booed at the president were foreign reporters.

Finally, the president outlined to the business and political leaders across the world that he will always prioritize Americans' needs, no matter what.

However, he explained that the term "America first" did not specifically mean America alone.  He further noted that the entire globe would grow as the United States does.

Source: Daily Mail / Featured Image: The White House/Flickr / Embedded Images: The White House via Wikimedia Commons, U.S. Department of Energy/Wikimedia Commons, Aubrey Gemignani/NASA via Wikimedia Commons

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