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Trump Tweets He Doesn't Have Time For TV

Trump Facing Backlash For Comments On Mika Brezinski Promo Image

Many roasted President Donald Trump after he tweeted about how little time he had to watch television.

"The W.H. is functioning perfectly, focused on HealthCare, Tax Cuts/Reform & many other things," Trump tweeted on July 12. "I have very little time for watching T.V."

The message almost immediately sparked uproar on social media.

"White House officials tells us President Trump has been watching plenty of TV news this week, when he's had nothing on his public schedule," tweeted The Washington Post's White House Bureau Chief, Philip Rucker.

"This place is a train wreck," replied another Twitter user. "POTUS can't stop watching TV."

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"Donnie, c'mon bud," added a third. "You spend 6-8 hrs a day watching TV - yesterday you watched Goonies (you're Sloth btw)."

"You live-tweet Fox & Friends every morning while I'm at work doing my job," commented another person.

"If Trump specifically said he’s not watching much TV?" chimed in a Gizmodo reader. "He’s definitely watching a ton of TV. Trump is an insecure child who only says things to cover up or deflect from things his subconscious knows will make him look bad. Hence why almost every accusation he made about Hillary during the campaign was something he’d either demonstrably done in the past, or was engaged in doing at the time."

Many also pointed out The Washington Post's January article revealing Trump watches at least five hours of television a day.

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"No former president seems to have spent this much time glued to his television set," opined Elaine Godfrey in April for The Atlantic. "For most of America’s recent commanders-in-chief, watching a little TV was a brief break from politics and criticism, a welcome respite from the pressures of the job, or a chance to feel normal. But none consumed as much television as Trump, or reacted as quickly or directly to what they were seeing."

Trump's alleged excessive television watching habits have even troubled experts.

"It’s a real problem to have a president that has that kind of obsession,” said Russell Riley, a presidential scholar at University of Virginia Miller Center. "The most valuable commodity in Washington is the president’s time, bar nothing. A president who elects to invest a lot of his time in tracking his own media coverage is, to some extent, debasing his own currency."

Riley also agrees Trump watches more television than his recent predecessors.

"[They knew] there were more important things for a president to do than watching television," Riley said. "What I’m hearing is this is not a lesson that President Trump has yet come by."

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