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Trump Mocked For On-Screen Press Conference (Video)

Trump Mocked For On-Screen Press Conference (Video) Promo Image

President Donald Trump was mocked for an on-screen press conference on Jan. 4 (video below).

Talking to the press at the White House, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders introduced a "special guest," reports The Inquisitr.

But rather than walking into the room to talk about tax reform changes, Trump chose to deliver a message via an unusual manner that quickly became the subject of memes and jokes nationwide, reports USA Today.

Behind Sanders, pre-recorded footage of the president delivering a message popped up on the video monitors, where he boasted how tax reform "is already delivering major economic gains."

The president's unorthodox address to the press soon drew comparisons to "The Wizard of Oz," "1984," and "V For Vendetta," while many blasted Trump for the "cowardly" and "authoritarian-like" video.

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"The key here is that Trump is in the same building as this press conference and yet still skyped in because he is too afraid to face the press openly," tweeted one person.

"Trump does a video at a press conference because both he and his staff well know he is a f**king moron incapable of maintaining composure under questioning, not to mention an inability to give coherent on-topic answers," added another.

"Why won’t Trump do a press conference and answer Questions?" wrote a third. "What’s he hiding?"

However, some rose to the president's defense.

"I watched and listened to the video. It is not bizarre whatsoever," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "Why do you continually hunt this man as if he's an animal, because he isn't. At least have some respect for the office of the President of the United States. Cheap journalism doesn't even describe this rubbish."

Others argued it's good he didn't attend in person as the media would not have interviewed Trump fairly or well.

"These reporters act like idiots, so they get to be treated like idiots," said one. "Serves them well!"

"The disrespectful press corps deserves a taped message," added another. "Being that their behavior is...well...disrespectful."

"The left wing biased media and commentators are still doing their very best to discredit President Trump," chimed in a third. "They will not not succeed. We are not fools and are able to see for ourselves what this President is trying to do for the USA.. instead of focusing on trivial and unsubstantiated stories and fake news, they should focus on the more important issues that are affecting the USA and the world."

Sources: The IquisitrUSA Today, Twitter (2, 3), Daily Mail / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: The White House via Wikimedia Commons, Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons

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