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Trump: Black Communities In 'Worst Shape' Ever (Video)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told a mostly-white audience in Kenansville, North Carolina, on Sept. 20 what bad shape black communities are in (video below).

"We’re gonna rebuild our inner cities because our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before," Trump told the rally. "Ever ever ever."

As he has before, Trump tried to appeal to black voters with his "what do you have to lose" spiel, notes CNN: "You take a look at the inner cities, you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. They're worse -- I mean, honestly, places like Afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities. And I think it's resonating."

President Barack Obama took some shots at Trump during a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus on Sept. 17: "You may have heard Hillary's opponent in this election say that there's never been a worse time to be a black person. I mean, he missed that whole civics lesson about slavery or Jim Crow. But we've got a museum for him to visit, so he can tune in. We will educate him."

As far as the infrastructure that Trump promised, the Republican-controlled Congress blocked Obama's $60 billion infrastructure plan, which was part of his jobs bill in 2011, noted The Washington Post.

Obama also referred to Trump as "somebody who has fought against civil rights and fought against equality and who has shown no regard for working people most of his life."

Obama may have been referring to 1973, when Trump was accused of discriminating against black tenants, and settled a civil rights lawsuit filed by the Justice Department.

Trump has tried to reach out to black voters before by telling them how horrible their lives are, but he has trailed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton among African-American voters by more than 90 percent in the polls.

Sources: CNNThe Washington Post / Photo credit: ABC News via YouTube

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